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October / Digital Transformation

Digital technologies are accelerators of innovation



The Symbolics (Massachusetts) computer company registered the first Internet domain,


Today we work on the advancement of the quantum internet, which in the coming years will go far beyond our most optimistic expectations in 5G and 6G. As some experts have pointed out, it would provide “practically unlimited connectivity, instantaneous and ubiquitous and with decentralized artificial intelligence solutions”.


The EU is funding 11 new technologies and test projects to enable the creation of 5G ecosystems in Europe. These include eight new projects that aim to build a world-class European supply chain for 5G hardware. In addition, three new projects will provide applications in connected and automated cross-border mobility. The cross-border projects will provide 5G connectivity and pave the way for autonomous driving on major road, rail and sea routes.

Zabala milestone


ZABALA launches Kaila, a smart innovation ecosystems platform

Kaila, is a smart platform to boost innovation ecosystems in Europe. It aims to provide a collaboration hub that will represent a paradigm shift in the management of innovation ecosystems thanks to the use of advanced recommendation algorithms and the integration of the main sources of open data in the EU.

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