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November / Food

Innovation in agriculture: a key factor in sustainable development



The World Food Summit was held in the course of five days of meetings at the highest level with representatives of 185 countries and the European Community. This historic event provided a forum for discussion on one of the most important issues facing world leaders in the new millennium: the eradication of hunger.


The European ‘Farm to Table’ Strategy, a central element of the Green Deal, aims to underpin the future of Community agriculture and agri-food industry in the coming years with a view to improve the balance between nature, food systems and biodiversity.


One of the key objectives of the European Commission’s strategy to transform EU agriculture is the goal of promoting organic food and farming to 25% by 2030. This requires a transformation of agriculture and a move towards organic and sustainable production. Another objective is the development of measures to boost the market for organic products

Zabala milestone


Preventing HLB epidemics for ensuring citrus survival in Europe

The aim is to develop and implement a holistic contingency plan to protect the citrus sector in the EU from HLB disease drivers and to co-create new solutions to manage the disease through a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with experienced partners from America and Asia

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