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May / Industrial Technologies

Industrial progress transforms the way a society develops and is fundamental to any sustainable future



The American computer scientist John Mashey published an article using the term "Big Data" for the first time and its use quickly became popular. In that article, Mashey made reference to the stress that the physical and human infrastructures of computing were under due to the unstoppable tsunami of data that was on the horizon.


Today, Industry 4.0 implies the complete digitisation of value chains through data processing technologies, sensors and smart software. From suppliers to customers, it allows us to predict, control, plan, and produce, intelligently.


Biotechnology, the manufacture of additives (3D printing) to reduce supply chains, the improvement of carbon capture, use and storage technologies, the manufacture of batteries, the development of applications based on haptic technologies or ensuring access to Big Data to all industries, including SMEs are some of the trends identified for the period 2020-2030.

Zabala milestone

TD Homologation

Zabala is approved as a specialised consultancy to carry out Industry 4.0 ZABALA, approved by RED.ES and EOI as a specialised consultancy to carry out diagnostics.

In the process of a company’s digital transformation, there are two major steps: the change of culture and then the implementation of technology, accounting for 80% and 20% of the process, respectively. As the strategy is the most important, diagnosis is the first step; and ZABALA Innovation Consulting has obtained approval from the EOI (MINECO) as an expert in Industry 4.0 to carry out specialised diagnoses. After this study, the transformation plan is defined, in which some KPIs, sources of financing and specific actions are marked.

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