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March / Energy

Innovation lies at the heart of the energy transition



SENER launches the AndaSol project which delivers the first thermoelectric solar plant to produce electricity for 24 hours without interruption using exclusively solar energy.


Ten years later, with the ‘Energy Union and Climate Action’ (2018), Europe has laid the foundations for a clean, safe and affordable energy future.


In the framework for Action on Climate and Energy, the European Union has defined two key objectives: to achieve a share of at least 32% of renewable energies by that year 2030 and an improvement in energy efficiency of 32.5%.

In Spain, the government estimates that by 2030, production of photovoltaic solar energycould reach 47.1TWh, making it the country’s main source of energy, which, together with wind power, would account for 70% of Spain’s total production by 2030.

Zabala milestone


European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition

ETIP SNET was born within the framework of the European Union’s new Integrated Roadmap for the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) R & I in Europe. ETIP SNET´s mission is to set-out a vision for research and innovation for Smart Networks for Energy Transition and engage stakeholders in this vision.

The work carried out by the ETIP SNET is supported by the INTENSYS4EU project, part of the H2020 Programme and led by ZABALA Innovation Consulting. The project has a global budget of more than 4.3 million euros and will last until 2020, aligned with the strategy of the European transition towards a low carbon economy, promoting safe and efficient energy.

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