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June / Security

How to make Europe a safer place to live in?



Two virtuous software developers created the "PakistaniBrain" with intention of protecting the programs they created, so that no one could recover them. It turned out to be the first PC computer virus.


Today we live in the knowledge society; cybercriminal activities now incorporate artificial intelligence techniques, which makes them capable of aquiring knowledge in a way that emulates human learning. In response, the European Commission has created the European CyberCrime Center (EC3), the focal point of the EU’s fight against cybercrime.


The EU Strategy for a Security Union for the period 2020-2025 is structured into four basic pillars, the first of which is to ensure a stable security environment with key infrastructures. With this objective in mind, one of the areas of greatest concern to the European Commission is cyber-security; it has therefore defined an action plan to provide security for essential services within hospitals, the electricity network, railways, and connected devices in homes or workplaces. The plan contains concrete proposals to deploy three main instruments, namely regulatory, investment and policy initiatives. These address 3 areas of action:

  1. resistance, technological sovereignty and leadership.
  2. operational capacity to prevent, deter and respond.
  3. cooperation to advance a global and open cyberspace.

Zabala milestone

Presentation ÉGIDA (National Network of Excellence in security technologies)

ÉGIDA, the first Cervera Network for privacy protection ZABALA, approved by RED.ES and EOI as a specialised consultancy to carry out diagnostics

ZABALA has been part of the birth of ÉGIDA. With an investment of 3.3 million euros and formed by Gradiant, Fidesol and the BRTA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance, Ikerlan and Vicomtech centres, ÉGIDA is the first and only national network of security and privacy technologies formed by technological centres of excellence. This grouping arises within the framework of the Cervera Programme for Technology Centres, the national commitment to develop market-oriented research promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

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