President’s letter

A future together

In this troubled time that we are living, where we cannot celebrate an anniversary event in person, I’d like to take the chance to share some few lines with all those people to whom I feel that I have to thank.

José Mª Zabala, President.

Together, Innovation Works.

José Mª Zabala, President.

People who represent companies of all types of sectors, sizes, activities … but who are united by having made a firm commitment to integrate innovation into your strategy.
People who represent administrations, financial institutions, chambers of Commerce, key elements for innovation policies to work, not only in speeches, but also in budget plans, in programs, in public grants.

Those of you who work from universities and technology centers, knowing that research is at the origin of everything that later becomes a real innovation, which reaches the market …
AND THANKS, especially to the entire human team of ZABALA, each of the 320 people who today are committed to this business project, but also to those who at some point were part of the company, because they were necessary members to reach the present with confidence in the future.

A FUTURE that we want to build on our VALUES; Above all, the trust that is at the base of all our relationships and that we achieve by working professionally.
A future for those of us who are not only believers but also practitioners, who are committed to making innovation the key factor of competitiveness for companies, institutions, regions and nations.

A future based on integrity, respectful and aware of our social responsibility to move towards a more sustainable world.
We want to join our future with yours: get to where you are. Because your successes, in your future projects, will be our successes.

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